Disinfection Atomizer

1000W Disinfection Smoke Fog Machine Atomizer Sprayer Sterilizer Disinfector Equipment is used for fogging all types of water-based disinfectants in closed rooms. This fogger breaks the disinfecting liquid into very fine particles (0.1 – 10 microns), which remain suspended in the air for a long time. This increases the contact time of the disinfectant with microorganisms in the air. The small particle size also ensures that there is minimum wetting of the surfaces. Automatic Sprayer, when used with the right disinfectant, ensures proper fumigation of closed spaces.

  • Adequate quality of chemical (sodium hypochlorite)
  • Electrical supply: 6-10 Amp MCB with earthing
  • Water supply: water tank of 200 meters (continuous water supply with ballcock)
  • UPVC connections


Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes, Hotels, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Industries, Clean rooms, Schools, Large kitchens, Animal areas, Research Laboratories in Life, Wedding Party, Mobile Event, etc.
Please buy liquid Separately – the main material – hypochlorite acid

Product Description

Product Name 1000W Disinfection Atomizer Smoke Fog Machine
Input Voltage AC110V-250V 50-60HZ
Power Consumption 1000W
Material ABS
Case Colour White
Liquid capacity 100ml (can last 5 mins)
 Heating Time 3 mins
Product Size 320x310x185 (mm)
Control Mode Wire control / remote control (Optional)
Output time 20 Second
Coverage Area 20-40m2
 Timing Time 5 mins / 15 mins / 30 mins / (15mins and 30 mins need customize)
Net Weight 3 KG
Packing Size 24*37*39CM
Application  Car, Home, Hotel, Bar, Party, School, Office, Auditorium, KTV, Club etc


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