Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Digital Infrared Thermometer is specially designed to take the body temperature of a person regardless of room temperature. Depending on various skin types and thickness, there may be temperature differences. When the indoor temperature is significantly different, the body infrared thermometer should be placed in that room for 15-20 minutes before using it.

  • Accurate measurement: (Imported infrared detection system).
  • Rapid temperature measurement: Measurement time about 1 second.
  • Easy to use: One-button measurement, easy to operate.
  • Non-contact: Measuring the forehead of the human body, not touching human skin.
  • Service life: Equipped with 2 sections of 7th battery (not included), can be used more than 100,000 times, product life > 3 million times.
  • Measuring distance: It can be adapted within 5~15CM, no need to fix the measuring distance.
  • Large screen display: Large screen LCD display, white back-light, any light can be clearly displayed.
  • Temperature alarm: Free to set the alarm temperature. Storage data: Store 32 measurement data, easy to analyze reference comparison
  • Setting changes: You can modify the setting parameters to suit different races (white, black, yellow, etc.).
  • Unit conversion: Use degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit conversion.
  • Measuring range: Body temperature measurement 32 degrees Celsius to 42.9 degrees Celsius. Measurement accuracy: +/- 2 degrees Celsius error.

Product Specification

Brand Digital infrared thermometer
Model Model: LZ600
Temperature Range Specifications Measurement range: 32 Degree C-42.9 Degree C (90 Degree F-109 Degree F)
Usage/Application Hospital
Material ABS Plastic
Color White, Blue,Grey
Thermometer Type Infrared Thermometers
Measurement Distance: 1 to 15cm(within 5cm is the best)
Auto-shutdown Time: About 7s
Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA Batteries
Operating Temperature: 10-40°C / 50-104°F
Storage Temperature: 0-50°C / 32-122°F
Relative Humidity: ≤85%
Certifications: CE,  FC, RoHS compliant


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