KN 95 Face Masks

We can provide N95 / KN95 Face Mask.

Materials: non-toxic and odor-free imported composite fiber non-woven fabric is used for the inner and outer layers, and a layer of air-permeable and high-odor filter cloth is added in the middle.

Nose bridge strip: environmentally friendly, safe and degradable plastic strip, which makes the mask more tightly integrated with the face. There is no gap on the side during wearing.

Ear Straps: ear-hook styles and head-hook styles can be produced, using nylon round straps or high-elastic PU ear straps.

Advantages: The product is lint-free after touch, no mottled fibers, and the breathing space is three-dimensional after the mask is unfolded. There is no stuffy feeling and smooth breathing. The hood is not deformed.

Suitable for: disposable masks suitable for high-tech electronic products industries such as electronic chip production plants, laboratories, clean rooms and other environments.

Mask production: Fully automatic mask machine production, made in a clean environment.

Product Specification

Colors: black/white/grey
Feature: Breathable and impermeable
Application: Medical use, Public place use or industrial use

Product Features

1. Light and environment-friendly
2. High elasticity ear loop / head strap help fit different users and dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal
3. Soft nose cushion for easy and comfortable fit
4. Adjustable nose piece for extra comfort.
5. Breathing valve enables easy breathing and helps avoid moisture fogging inside the mask.
6. At least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles.
7. Activated carbon layers helps reduce organic odor and smell.


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