Makhija Brothers also acts as an trading for major Healthcare product suppliers & manufacturers by making critical genuine certified health care products available to the end-user finding it difficult to source multiple products from one roof in a market flooded with scrupulous products.


Disinfection Atomizer

Can be effectively used for disinfection and purification of air in cars, homes and offices. It has preheating time of 5 minutes and sprays a distance of 3-5 meters.

3 Ply Face Masks

These Triple layer disposable mask made with 20-22 gsm specialized nonwoven material are fluid- resistant and protects from droplets.

KN 95 Face Masks

Disposable anti dust mask made with skin friendly cotton have a double microfiltration layer. The electrostatic capture system blocks 99 or more PM2.5.

Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Used to safeguard workers against contaminated air. It removes (filters) pollutants or pathogens and then delivers the clean air to the user’s face and/or mouth.

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Digital non-contact thermometer, helpful to avoid cross-infection uses infrared energy radiated by the body to measure temperature when 3-5 cm away from forehead.

Personal Protection Equipment

These come with Disposable full sleeved Coverall with hood, Shoe Covers, Sterile latex gloves, Zero Power Disposable protective Eye Wear and Bio hazard bag.